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Waiting for Kid Rock


Another one for the “You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up” files

It begins with plans for a $750 million “theme park” (of undetermined theme) in the middle of nowhere, moves on to a toothless millionaire (who blames it on a ‘crispy chicken wing’ from Hooters, no less), and just keeps getting better. My favorite part:

“It should be a very positive story,” Mr. Dinwiddie said in an interview at the Cracker Barrel, where the hostess urged him to ignore all the negativity and asked if her daughter-in-law’s Irish dance troupe could get a show at the theme park.

via In Tennessee Town, Grand Plans and Great Doubt –

Kingsport / Sullivan County Mug Shots Now Online

I really hope that I never end up on this page. If I do, I hope it’s after I’ve changed my name to something really bitchin’ awesome, like

Danny Ray Gunn

Booked at Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office

December 4, 2010

– Failure to appear

via Regional Arrests from Northeast Tennessee – Times-News Online.

Honest Man Arrested

Oh, East Tennessee — how I love thee!

Police have charged a Kingsport man after he allegedly struck a telephone pole with his truck, drove through a fence and hit his own home — later admitting, “I’m drunker than a S.O.B.”

via Kingsport police: Drunk driver hits pole, fence, his own home

– Kingsport Times-News Online.