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Day 22 – A song you listen to when you’re sad – “End of the Rainbow”

“End of the Rainbow” – Richard & Linda Thompson

The Whole Records is ALmost tHis hapPy

This is a harsh song. Brutal even: “There’s nothing at the end of the rainbow / there’s nothing to grow up for anymore.” Whenever I’m sad, very sad, this is the soundtrack playing in my head. Tough stuff. But there’s something about the absolute rawness of the lyric, the clarity —  “I feel for you, you little horror” — that’s somehow cleansing. When you see the world that bleakly, and you’re feeling bleak, there’s nowhere to go but up, right? Right?


“Solitary Life” – Richard Thompson Documentary

Solitary Life, Pt. 1 (Intro, the Beginning)

Solitary Life, Pt. 2 (Beginnings of Fairport Convention, etc.)

Solitary Life, Pt. 3 (Fairport as Innovators; Richard solo; Richard and Linda)

Solitary Life, Pt. 4 (Richard & Linda; Islam; “Shoot Out the Lights”)

Solitary Life, Pt. 5 (Fleetwood Mac’s Got NOTHING on Richard & Linda; Richard in the USA)

Solitary Life, Pt. 6 (New Territory; Songs & Stories; Recognition?; Fuel)

Solitary Life, Pt. 7 (Yesterday + Today; A Writer’s Work Day; ‘Cooksferry Queen’ w/ Teddy Thompson & Co.)

Post-Script: A Solitary Life, So Ben Mi Ca Bon Tempo @ St. Andrew’s in Glasgow, Scotland